Once upon a time, in a not so far away land…

So you want to know the story, eh? I’ll be honest – I doubt its what you imagined. But so what? We all have to start somewhere and for me, my story started with a call.

One day I got a call about a business opportunity. Someone I knew was trying to partner up an investor with a sushi chef and for some reason they asked me if I knew how to make sushi. I had eaten sushi many times, but aside from the occasional homemade sushi, I knew very little. I had around 4 weeks before my scheduled meeting with the investor, so I used that time to practice my skills as much as I could. With the combination of late nights, YouTube and pizza in bed – oh yeah! and a lot of sushi, four weeks later I was officially a beginner sushi roller and earned my first repeating customer.

​The deal ended up going sour but with the addition of my third child, we had booked our first catering event – my son’s bris. Looking back, the sushi was awful and I had a lot to learn. But surprisingly, our customer base began to grow.

Still working out of our house, I had around 15 rolls to make each Friday. I remember thinking that if I got up to 50 rolls we’d need to invest in a more official kitchen. Thus, Yoko Sushi was born. Out of a machsan and with an official teuda, we doubled our orders all while working two jobs. Waking up while the city slept had its perks but got old quick.

At the same time, the store I was working for was closing so I had to come up with something fast. That’s when I heard of Sashimi. The owner was looking for a buyer and wanted out fast. Two months later I became the proud owner of Sashimi.

Always looking to better myself and the business, I continue to learn new techniques and try out new recipes. From YouTube and movies like Jiro Dream of Sushi, I’ve learned that making sushi is an artform. To create the perfect roll takes patience, skill but most importantly love. Without the love and passion, all you have are ingredients.


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